My husband told me he wished I was dead instead of his first wife. I’m devastated.


My husband “Nick” was married to his first wife “Vanessa” for 5 years and they had two amazing kids, Luke and Lila. Sadly, Vanessa died in an accident 11 years ago when the kids were very young. I started dating Nick 8 years ago and we started off very slowly for obvious reasons. Nick has always been a little more distant than anyone I’d ever been with, but he and the kids lost Vanessa so young that I understood it.

After 3 years of dating, Nick asked me to marry him and I moved in. I’ve always had a really great relationship with Luke and Lila and they were happy for me to marry their dad. I had wanted an actual wedding, nothing big, but Nick really didn’t want one so we got married at the courthouse with just Luke and Lila present. We had a really fast engagement, but it worked for all of us.

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I have loved being Luke and Lila’s stepmom and officially adopted them after I found out I was pregnant with our son Casey. The kids have been so great with Casey and help out so much. Nick was wonderful during the pregnancy and had always been a really loving dad and husband.

But Nick has been pulling away a lot the last few months. He’s been even more distant than usual and working late nights and going away with friends almost every weekend. I’ve tried talking to him, but he’s been impatient with both me and the kids. I found out I was pregnant in June and am now 21 weeks pregnant with a girl. The kids are excited to have a little sister, but Nick just seems so indifferent to everything and everyone. He’s been missing soccer games, Lila’s birthday, doctors appointments, etc. Casey is too young to notice, but Luke and Lila are so hurt by their dad’s absence. These kids are so good and they lost their mom so young and I’m infuriated that Nick is ignoring the kids like this.

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Last week, I finally sat Nick down and told him that he needs to stop disappearing and be more present in our lives. We’re going to have another child soon and before we know it Luke and Lila will be grown up and going to college. After an hour of arguing, he screamed at me that he wished Vanessa was still alive and that I had switched places with her and died instead. He also threw in some awful comments that I need to stop pretending I’m Luke and Lila’s real mom and that I’m only half the mom Vanessa was. The final straw was him saying that he never even wanted any kids with me, but did it so I’d “keep busy and leave him alone.”

I’m so beyond hurt right now. I know I’m just his second choice, but I’ve always tried to honor Vanessa and tell Luke and Lila how lucky they were to have her as their mom. I love ALL of our kids more than anything and I’m just so heartbroken. Nick barely pays attention to Casey now and doesn’t even acknowledge the pregnancy. He somewhat apologized this weekend and took all three kids to lunch, but he won’t even look me in the eye. He seems like he wants to talk, but he doesn’t say anything and I’m too upset to even be near him.

I’m not sure where to go from here. Honestly, I can’t even be around Nick right now and if there weren’t any kids involved, I’d leave and never look back. I’m not sure if he’s cheating or the thought of a fourth child is stressing him out, but I’m devastated and not sure how or why I should save this marriage, besides doing it for the kids. Any advice is desperately needed right now.

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