5 main reasons why at0pa videos normally get leakz

We are just days in 2019 and we’ve been hit with several at0pa videos already and the rate at which these leaks keep coming out, if we are not careful, the year will record more than 1000 $£kz tapes from Ghana alone.

Although we always warn people about the dangers of deciding to record their $£xua.l escapades, some still record anyways and in the end, it gets leaked voluntarily or through other ways, like a friend who sees it and decides to see it.

Well, we share with you five major reasons why people record themselves having sekz these days and after you vote on whether it is right to record or not.

1. To See How They Performed During Sekz.

Most people record their atopa videos not because they have plans of leaking it. Some just want to watch the whole experience after s3x with their partners and sometimes the plan is to delete it after watching.

Well, some actually delete it after watching but there are those who still keep a copy either in their cloud accounts or Google Drive for future use. Most people are able to protect it and so their videos never get to leak, but some also are way too dumb that they don’t protect it well, and someone ends up copying the video when they get hold of their phones.

2.Some Record It As Prove That They Actually Slept With A Particular Girl

Yes, most sekz leaks are recorded by men, although there are some the ladies do the recording. Some men bet with their friends that they will chop down a certain girl and will go all lengths just to get that woman in bed.

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Most people record it as evidence to prove to their friends that they’ve actually chopped a certain girl especially if the girl seems to be the too known type in the area or the hard to get type or even just too beautiful.

Thing is one time, I got to bang a certain girl, she was soo beautiful that, I couldn’t believe I was actually banging her and getting her to scream my name, so I decided to record it so I later watch it each time I am bored.–I will show it to you guys one day, it’s locked on some encrypted pen drive somewhere.

3. Some Record To Use As Revenge And Blackmail

Some people also record their sexz tape to use as revenge in the future should the person break up with them. Some also record to use it as a tool to demand more sekz from the person and most people find themselves in such situations.

Recall last year a video of a young girl known as Aisha been banged by two guys leaked? Well, the one who recorded it used it as a Blackmail tool to chop her several times until she got tired, then it was leaked.

4. Some Record On Purpose And Leak For Attention:

Yes there are some people who intentionally record their atopa videos and leak it because they want to trend. Sometimes it’s just them masturbating in it or some sekz with someone and they forward to people so they can monitor comments on what people think about their atopa session.

5.Some Record To Make Money With It

Yes, then there are also those who record to sell to p*rn blogs and other people. Some show their faces, some do not show their faces. So on Snapchat, you would see lots of Atopa videos, mostly with faces covered or just the action.

That’s all, so tell us if we missed another reason why people record these videos, but hey if you don’t want it out, never let anyone record you even if they promise to delete it unless you don’t care about it if it leaks, like me.

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